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Waiting for Tonight
Like a movie scene | In the sweetest dreams | I've pictured us together | Now too feel your lips| On my finger tips | I have to say its even better| Then i ever thought it could possibly be | Its perfect its passion its setting me free | from all of my saddness the tears that i've cried | I have spent all of my life | Waiting for tonight | oh o | when you would be here in my arms | Waiting for tonight |  oh oh  | I dreamed of this love for so long | Chorus: Waiting for tonight| oh oh oh| oh oh oh| Tender words you say | take my breath away | love me and leave me never | Found a sacret place | lost in your embrace | i wanna stay in this 4ever | i think of the days when the sun used to set | on my empty heart all alone in my bed| Tossing and turning emotions were strong | I knew I had to hold on | Chorus|