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Baila Esta Cumbia
Siento algo que me mueve, un ritmo
que me hace bailar
Tomen, tódos su pareja
Todos, vamos a gozar
Baila, baila esta cumbia
Mueve, mueve la cintura
Todos, las manos en alto
Y griten, griten con locura
Baila, baila esta cumbia
Ritmo, ritmo sin igual
Nadie se quede sentado
Todos, vamos a bailar

I feel something that moves to me, a rate that makes me dance Take,
tódos its pair All, we are going to enjoy It dances, it dances this
cumbia Mueve, it moves the waist All, the hands in stop and they
shout, they shout with madness It dances, it dances this cumbia Rate,
rate without equal Anybody remains seated All, we are going to dance

*English Translations are ruff. Alot of times things in Spanish don't translate well in english.