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Feeling So Good
| RAP | When i opened up my eyes today | Felt the sun shining on my face | It became so clear to me | that everything is going my way| I feel like there is no limit too what i can see  | Got rid of fears that we're holding me| My endless possibilities | Has the whole world open for me| Thats why i'm feeling... | Chorus: I'm feeling so good | i knew i would | Been taking care of myself like i should|  Cause not one thing | can bring me down | theres nothin in this world thats gonna turn me around | Now the day is turning into night| And everything is still going right | There's no way you can stop me this time | or break this spirit of mine | Like the stars above are gonna shine | Anything i want will be mine | Tonight im gonna have a good time | Call a few friends of mnie  | Cause i'm loving life  | and tonight's for feeling....| CHORUS (2x) | RAP | Chorus|